PAN MACHIA RULES (Olympic Competition Rules)


Any Legal punches and high or low kicks to head, leg and body - Adults Only

Adult - Legal punches to front and side of head - Full Contact, front and side of body above belt - Full Contact - Legal Kicks to front and side of head - Full Contact, front and side of body above belt - Full Contact. Low Kicks to side of thigh, Sweeps are allowed by using calves only. -

1 .) The objective of the rules is to maintain the safety of the competitors.

2.) No punches, kicks or chokes from throat are allowed.

3.) Controlled takedown & throwing will receive two points.

4.) Any reversal or escape from a hold receives two points.

5.) Near pin or hold down held for 12 seconds receives 5 points, striking negates hold down.

6.) Submission joint locks (elbow, ankle, knee, head on side earns 20 points. No fingers striking, bending, or locking.

7.) Submission earns 20 points. If competitor wants to continue it will be up to the ellanodiki's decision, based on the time left in the match.


Mandatory Equipment: Hand Wraps, Surgical Gloves (to cover nails), 16 ounce leather open hand gloves with fingers and palm exposed. Mouthpiece, elbow protection, groin protection

knee protection, shin and top of feet pads. ellanodiki will inspect finger and toe nails for safety reasons.


All Competitors fighting,Pyx Lax Rassein Apaly must be weighted in prior to the competition. Only one official weigh-in is required per competitor. All competitors must fight within his/her own weight division. Competitors cannot fight outside of their own weight division. Tournament personnel will conduct the weigh-in the morning of the competition and record competitor’s weight. Youth boys and girls will not be divided by weight, but by size according to a small, medium, large scale determined by officials of the tournament.

Weight in Pounds Weight in Kilograms

1. Super Heavyweight 220 lbs to Unlimited 100 kg & up

2. Heavyweight 190 lbs to 219 lbs 86 kg to 99 kg

3. Middle Heavyweight 183 lbs to 189 lbs 83 kg to 85 kg

4. Super Light Heavyweight 175 lbs to 182 lbs 79 kg to 82 kg

5. Light Heavyweight 167 lbs to 174 lbs 76 kg to 78 kg

6. Super Middleweight 160 lbs to 166 lbs 72 kg to 75 kg

7. Middleweight 154 lbs to 159 lbs 70 kg to 71 kg

8. Super Welterweight 147 lbs to 153 lbs 67 kg to 69 kg

9. Welterweight 140 lbs to 146 lbs 64 kg to 66 kg

10. Super Lightweight 135 lbs to 139 lbs 62 kg to 63 kg

11. Lightweight 130 lbs to 134 lbs 60 kg to 61 kg

12. Super Featherweight 126 lbs to 129 lbs 58 kg to 59 kg

13. Featherweight 122 lbs to 125 lbs 56 kg to 57 kg

14. Super Bantamweight 118 lbs to 121 lbs 54 kg to 55 kg

15. Bantamweight 115 lbs to 117 lbs 52 kg to 53 kg

16. Super Flyweight 112 lbs to 114 lbs 50 kg to 51 kg

17. Middle Flyweight 109 lbs to 111 lbs 48 kg to 49 kg

18. Flyweight 100 lbs to 108 lbs 45 kg to 48 kg

19. Youth Super Flyweight 95 lbs to 99 lbs 43 kg to 44 kg

20. Youth Middle Flyweight 90 lbs to 94 lbs 41 kg to 42 kg

21. Youth Light Flyweight 89 lbs to Below 40 kg & Below

22. Children: Light, Heavy / Small, and Large


All competitors are to compete at their highest-level belt division attained, and are not permitted to compete in lower ranked divisions. Experienced fighters are allowed to compete in the black belt division, but only at the discretion of their coach/instructor, and with the W.P.H.P.A.F. competition chairman's concent. Once a competitor begins competing in the black belt division, he/she must always compete in the black belt division.


Side of the head, ribs, chest, abdomen, collarbone, kidneys, and side of the leg above the knee (last target area only allowed for adults).


Face, spine, back and side of the neck, throat, groin, lower legs, knees, and back.


Hips, shoulders, buttocks, arms, and feet.


Moderate to Full contact along with controlled athletic Pyx - Lax Rassein Macheia techniques depending on the fight division.


(This area needs work) yes,

In order to be a legal move, a sweep must be proper and not a kick. The purpose of a sweep is not to takedown an opponent, but rather to disrupt his/her balance in order to follow up with Athlentic Pyx Lax Rassein Pankration technique. This technique is to be executed to the back of the front leg at mid-calf or below only. A point will be awarded when a legal sweep or takedown is effectively and legally followed up with an appropriate Athlentic Pyx Lax Rassein Pankration technique. This must occur immediately following the sweep or takedown, otherwise the point will not be counted. Competitors cannot strike a downed opponent.



Illegal techniques are as follows: Strikes directly to the face, head butts, hair pulls, scratches, bites, elbows, knees, strikes to the eye of any type, any strikes to the head of a down competitor, slapping, grabbing and holding for longer than one second, blind techniques lacking control, sweeps, and any potentially dangerous move deemed unsafe in Athlentic Pyx Lax Rassein Pankration.